Our Partners


Commercial Energy Solutions emerged from humble beginnings in 1984 to become South Australia’s leading Energy Solutions provider, and a company recognised for its innovation, customer service and integrity.

We pride ourselves on providing ‘Value for Money’ high quality energy efficiency products and services to all South Australian businesses.

Unlike the recent proliferation of Solar Companies flooding the market, Commercial Energy Solutions takes the time to understand your business and it’s Energy usage and needs. WE DON’T JUST SELL A SOLAR SYSTEM……..

Our moto is ‘Measure ⇔ Reduce ⇔ Generate’ – Only after all other avenues are explored, and it is deemed necessary and the best use of resources, will we investigate the installation of Solar.

We have worked with many companies over the years, here are a few examples of the projects we have completed:



Greenslade Chickens – 20KW

Greenslade Chickens were seeking to offset their ever increasing energy costs to proof their business and insulate them from future energy rises.


Delights – 20KW

DeLights Morphett Vale is a busy lighting store located on Main South Road. Whilst the roofline is oriented with a northerly tilt, the roof is made from asbestos, this required some special thought and treatment of the roof to allow footings to be installed.


Henley Bowling Club – 12.5KW

Situated in beautiful Henley Beach, the club was looking for ways to save money on their electricity usage. Solar was a simple and effective way to reduce the greatest outgoing drain on club resources.


Henschke Cellars – 47KW

Henschke wines is an iconic worldwide brand. Synonymous with exceptional quality, Henschke demanded the same from their Solar Energy supplier.


Pike’s Winery – 72KW

Pikes Winery, an iconic brand in South Australia, were seeking to offset their ever increasing energy costs whilst enhancing their already ‘Clean and Green’ credentials.


Townsend Park – 59KW

This project demonstrated our capability with large scale installations and the complexities that a site such as Townsend Park has with regards to the many individual stake-holders and the ‘Sub-metering’ of their individual use.


Millicent Motel – 5KW

The Millicent Motel is the oldest Motel in Millicent. The roof line is oriented north-south and it is essentially flat, requiring the solar system to be installed on a tilt frame, the panels are tilted at 31 degrees to optimise the collection of power from the sun.


Jane’s Curtains – 10KW

Concerned about rising electricity costs, Janes Curtains installed a 10 kW solar PV system on their north west facing roof. With no shading issues, the panels can perform well all year round.


Haselgrove Wines – 99KW

The large solar system will reduce Haselgrove Wines carbon emissions intensity by approx.  21.5%, and will result in nearly 2000 tonnes of CO2 savings over the life of the system.